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  1. Diego

    oh my god o_o

  2. Micheal Polant

    Toad’s father, huh.

    • Scott

      That’s Daisy’s speech bubble.

      • Micheal Polant


  3. JaySavoie

    This is my first comic I have ever read. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

  4. Ultimate Hammer Bro

    “The king is safe”. Does this mean that he is OK? He didn’t seem so last time we saw him.

    • Steven Applebaum

      “Safe” and “okay” can mean two very different things. You’ll just have to read on to the next chapter to find out how he’s doing.

  5. VazquezGamer

    It would be weird to see yoshi eating a shy guy on this “comic version”…

  6. John

    I think the person who wrote the scene that had Scapelli into an ape meant him to become Donkey Kong in a possible sequel. His CONSTRUCTION company would probably enter the Dinosaur Dimension and steal the REMAINS of the Devolution machine. They would attempt to turn him back after trying to repair the machine. However it would result in him becoming a huge deformed ape and seek revenge on Mario. Could this be a lot for Super Mario Bros. 3?

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