Chapter 4, Page 5
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  1. Robert J Brien

    No offence to the previous artist, but I do kinda like this one more. Just not quite sure how to word it without it coming off as being insulting.

  2. Diego

    I think Mouser will betray the plumbers because he have a crush on Daisy.

  3. Ultimate Hammer Bro

    It feels a bit awkward that the small team proposed by the king is lead by two guys who just came from another world and, even though they managed to save it the first time, aren’t more suited for combat than let’s say, police. But I accept it since it mirrors how they’re the only ones to go save the princess in the games :D

  4. Hmm, and I’m sure Toad will insist on coming along as well, yes?

  5. Mystery Guy

    It’s been a month. When are more pages coming out?

  6. I just read all of this in one sitting after ending up here via TVTropes, and it is amazing so far! The family theme is definitely my favorite underlying theme, and I’m looking forward to seeing our favorite sibling team (and company) take on Wart.

  7. Rocket

    All OK? I’m really enjoying this.

  8. Dick Gozinia

    two months later… Are you dead over there? Because if you are, I’m going to take off.

  9. Jays

    Hey fucker, update already.

  10. $/@mm-0!

    I hope everything is ok I really miss reading this comic =/

  11. darthdenim

    So, another dead webcomic, huh?

  12. Come on get to the Mario Vs Wart Brawl!!!!!

  13. Timothy Paich

    There was supposed to be another movie long ago. Maybe the person gave up.

  14. /co/

    Is this still being worked on? Because I’d love to see this being continued!

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