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  1. Those Shy Guys look so freakin’ rad.

  2. Sherwin U.

    This is a great movie that deserves a sequel! I can’t wait for it .

  3. Julian Koviak

    This is one of the greatest movies I have seen since the game. I’ve been waiting 20 years for the sequel. Please give it to me.

  4. thor

    Are my eyes deceiving me or has YOSHI grown. I’d love to see mario and or luigi ride yoshi as a noble stead of plumberdom.

    Flicking baddies around with his tongue.
    Yoshi is really hard to translate to a real setting I mean he pops out eggs like crazy and he flutters.

    So I think the idea of his long tongue and how mario gets around on his back are the most plausible.

    Chocobos from Final Fantasy are a good example of what yoshi might run like.

    • Steven Applebaum

      Yes, Yoshi has grown! He will certainly become large enough to ride as the story develops.

  5. Donnie

    I always wondered what happened at the end of the movie. If i would to let my mind wonder i would say that maybe the dimensions got messed up after they crossed back over to new york causing other unknown dimensions to get all scrambled and spawning many new creatures and random misplaced floating blocks. the People of Pipe Land connected pipes connecting the worlds. Then somehow Koopas ooze was put into the evolving/de-evolving machine resurrecting him. Koopa then imprisons everyone and de-evolves them and starts an army and sends tanks and airships out to take control of the other dimensions or worlds and de-evolving anyone who refuses him as a King. LOL i went into crazy detail on this.

  6. Da_GPer

    Wart looks like Dr Evil.

  7. Xuncu

    Ohh, nice. So, Shy Guys at the bottom, Peach duh, Yoshi as played by Yoshi (from Dr McNinja), awesome, that one goomba from the movie becomes Toad? Interesting. And yeh, that’s Wart? And the two on top arrrrrreeeeeeeee….. Hammer Bros?

    Of, course, you realise; you’re required to have a tranny reptillian by featuring Birdo.

    • if i recal that goomba’s “human” name was toad.

  8. I love that you guys are doing this! I dragged my brother to the movies to see the original, and I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for it.

  9. Ebooty


  10. john hooks

    YES! YES! YES!

  11. Jaymes

    i’m glad that a part 2 is coming out the first one was awesome

  12. immortalfrieza

    This cover art…

    Oh no, weird memes are filling my head! I don’t want to say it! ARRRGGGHHH!!!

    I’ve seen enough hentai…

    To know where this is going…

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