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  1. Trackball

    I like it. Plus, it means this won’t all be just a dream of Mario’s.

    • spudwalt

      Hah, that’s always a giant “f*** you” whenever it comes up. “Congratulations on saving the world! TOO BAD IT WAS ALL A DREAM”

      Now I’m looking forward to seeing how they portray some other aspects of the game, like Birdo and Wart’s giant vegetable machine.

  2. Mystery Guy


  3. Pretty wicked. =)

  4. Ultimate Hammer Bro

    I didn’t expect the explanation to be this one, but I like it. What I don’t understand now is where all the Shy Guys came from: Subcon or yet another dimension?

    • Steven Applebaum

      The third page was originally going to delve into the possible origins and motivations of the Portal Creatures, but we cut it because it was needless exposition when the story really should move more quickly at this point.

      Don’t worry, though–we will discuss those two points more appropriately in the upcoming chapter six. All will be explained!

  5. Clay

    I can only hope the Nightmare Machine will be suitably nightmarish.

  6. Justin S.

    Well atleast we know now that its not just a dream!

  7. Justin

    I can’t wait to see what the Nightmare Machine will look like! If there is one

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